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The right partnership.


The right partnership.

At Community Association Partners, we realize that finding the right management company is often difficult, time consuming, and costly. Too often the Board bases the criteria for selection on the “least expensive” rather than whether or not the management company is the “right fit” for the association.

Some items to consider are:

  • Does the personality of the management company and its manager fit with the Board and your association?
  • What professional organizations do the management company and its managers belong to?
  • What specialized training has the manager had? How many associations are they currently managing and with what type of amenities?
  • How is the management company’s office organized? How will the HOA funds be handled, and what internal checks and balances are in place to safeguard association funds?
  • Are there additional costs hidden in the management contract, such as overtime costs and other additional charges?

At CA Partners, we focus on setting a higher standard, being committed, and finding the right fit for your association. Request a management proposal by clicking here: request proposal.

Developer Services


  • Defining your vision
  • Document review
  • Reserve study, maintenance plan and initial budget preparation. We provide a unique approach to the Reserve Study, Maintenance Plan and initial operating budget process. We understand the marketing concerns of the developer, but also have a long-term view of sustainability and viability for the community. This approach gives developers and future homeowners’ confidence in knowing that the community was set up for success.
  • Facilitating the turnover process


  • Pre-turnover management of association
  • Setting up association
  • Building the relationship between developer and owners
  • Creating owner advisory board
  • Develop association forms
  • Complete HOA/Condo questionnaires
  • Complete escrow demand statements

HOA Services

Accounting and Financial Services

  • Collection of Owners’ Assessments
  • Pay Bills
  • Provide Monthly Financial Reports
  • Assist in Annual Budget Preparation
  • Assist a CPA with Taxes, Reviews and Audits
  • Submit Annual Reports to State Agencies

Community Management and Board Services

  • Attend Board Meetings
  • Assist in Preparing Agendas, Notices, Reports, Proxies and Ballots for Annual Meeting
  • Confer with Board Chair as Needed
  • Supervise and Communicate with Vendors

Maintenance Services

  • Yearly On-Site Review
  • Oversee Contractors – Track Work Orders
  • Supervise Licensed and Bonded Workers
  • Assist with Implementing Annual Maintenance Plan

Administrative Services

  • Maintain Association Files
  • Maintain Owner Contact Information
  • Prepare Board Letters as Needed
  • Obtain Insurance Bids as Requested
  • Assist Owners with Questions
  • Field Telephone Calls and Emails, Answer Questions and Direct Concerns to Proper Channels
  • Escrow Demand Statements
  • HOA and Condo Questionnaires
  • New Owner Packets
  • Board Education
  • Board Notebooks
  • Homeowners Meetings – Other than Annual
  • Board Resolutions
  • Compliance Letters – Rules Enforcement
  • Drafting Meeting Minutes
  • Drafting Newsletters
  • Architectural Review (ARC) Application Process
  • Emergency Calls
  • Maintenance On-Site Inspections
  • Obtaining Maintenance Bids with Recommendations to the Board
  • Oversight of Large Maintenance Projects
  • Handling Insurance Claims
  • Work with Attorney to Handle Collections and Other Issues and File Liens
  • Assisting in Association’s Legal Suits
  • Website Development
  • Reserve Studies
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Other Items as Requested by Board or Association

Real-estate Services

Sales packets

These packages provide the information that a prospective purchaser needs to know about a community. This can include the annual budget, reserve study, governing documents, resolutions, rules and regulations, meeting minutes, important items of correspondence, and other informative materials.

Governing documents

All prospective purchasers need to be able to review the governing documents (including the Declaration of Protective Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions – also known as the CC&Rs – the Bylaws, and the Articles of Incorporation, if the community is incorporated). The governing documents detail such things as what the association’s maintenance and repair responsibilities include (will the owner have to pay for replacement of his/her roof, or is the HOA responsible for that work?), what things owners can and cannot do on their own property, and when owners have to submit changes to their property to the association for approval prior to making those changes (for example, do they need to get approval to change the color of their home?).

Resolutions, rules and regulations

These items further define and clarify the restrictions contained within the governing documents, including items like the terms of remittance of dues, late fees, and the grace period for payment. Contained in these documents are other items such as insurance information, so that the prospective owner can obtain the proper level of coverage for his/her property.

Attending sales meetings

The developers have a vision for their community, but each developer and each community is different. We can explain how the developer’s decisions for the association impacts the owners’ responsibilities.

HOA education

Associations are here to stay, so let us help you understand the ins and outs and how they can provide long-term benefits to your clients.

Who We Are

Who We Are


Community Association Partners is dedicated to offering the best value in management services, consulting, and developer services to condominiums, townhomes, and planned unit communities in Oregon and SW Washington.

We have one simple goal, “To make a difference in the HOA industry by setting a higher standard of management.” Our professional staff is committed to providing the highest level of operational, financial and administrative support to homeowners and developers.

We realize that finding the right management company is difficult; that is why we at C A Partners base our core values on transparency, commitment, honesty, integrity, and professionalism. We will work with your community to establish realistic goals and objectives and provide the ongoing support to assist your association in meeting these goals. By clearly defining our role within your community we can form a partnership that not only works but truly “fits” the needs of your community.


The right tools for a successful community.


The right tools for a successful community.

At CA Partners, we value transparency. To ensure continued strength and partnership, we have a wealth of information available. This page is here for you to access tools whenever you need them.

If you cannot find a form you are looking for, please email us at:


Our Team

Our Team


We are Community Association Partners

Community Association Partners is dedicated to offering the best value in management services, consulting, and developer services to condominiums, townhomes, and planned unit communities in Oregon and SW Washington.

Ed Hamilton

Mr. Hamilton brings a unique level of expertise to CA Partners. He has an extensive background in business, particularly business development and customer service. Ed has been integrally involved with the real estate industry for many years, and his apt experience and understanding of this industry make him an implicit asset to both CA Partners and their clients. He devotes much of his time to working with developers, attorneys, and community leaders in order to make a real difference in the HOA industry.

Mr. Hamilton has also been recognized by the Faculty Group for his knowledge relating to the long-term sustainability of communities. Ed Hamilton always brings his extensive business and customer service background to CA Partners endeavors, and has a goal of making every community he works with a wonderful place to live!

Keith A. Gustafson
Senior Vice President

Keith has an extensive background in the construction industry, including single family homes, surveying, and facilities maintenance. He also has had the pride of owning his own business for many years, has been focused on doing the right thing for the customer, and making sure to provide the best value. He is passionate about the opportunity to serve homeowners and boards and takes great pride in building long-term relationships with his clients.

Mr. Gustafson’s experience working with developers over the past couple of years is a real asset to CA Partners. He will continue to make sure that the developers he works with are given the attention and commitment they deserve as he performs their reserve studies, maintenance plans, initial operating budgets, and general support and guidance. Keith’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence are valuable attributes as he guides developers through the increasingly complex path to condominium and planned unit development

David Hummel, CMCA
Community Manager, Director of Managers

David has worked managing Home Owner Associations for 14 years. He has managed some of the largest and smallest in Oregon, Washington, and Montana. He enjoys the challenge of HOA’s that have unique common elements and leading Board’s of Directors through difficult situations and bringing them to a successful conclusion.

A little about his personal life, Sign Language is his second language and he has traveled to many foreign countries to do mission work over the years. He plays the piano and guitar and enjoys singing, playing, and recording music. Other interests include scuba diving, hiking, traveling and exploring new places and things. He has fun spending time with his family and just enjoying life.

Aubrey Bellowes, CMCA
Community Manager

Kim Adolf
Community Manager

Tracey Dudley
Community Manager, CMCA, AMS

Erin Monahan
Community Administrator

Julia Gannon
Community Administrator

Lisa Harris
Community Administrator

Megan McLeod
Community Administrator

Shannon Hylton
Special Projects Coordinator

Rhonda Tilton
Community Accountant

Joshua Mooso
Community Accountant

Gudrun Gravelle
Accounts Receivable Specialist




  • Our Company DecreeOur Company Decree

    Our Company Decree

    What is Community Association Partners? We are a Homeowners association management company that puts emphasis in partnership and transparency. Without working as a partner with

  • Congratulations!Congratulations!


    Congratulations to the Decatur Bridgewater Vista Condominiums for achieving the 2016 Association of the Year with Community Associations Institute!! Thank you also to the CA

  • Ready for Spring.Ready for Spring.

    Ready for Spring.

    We are all ready for Spring, and all the new growth that it will bring!

  • Maintenance ServicesMaintenance Services

    Maintenance Services

    CA Services is available and ready to help with all your Spring cleaning and maintenance needs. We have handymen ready to help. -Painting -Pressure washing




We are growing!

If you are interested in a career at Community Association Partners, please send a resume a cover letter to

Current job openings are:

Maintenance Technician

We’re looking for a full-time energetic, skilled, self-starting, hard working, positive Maintenance Technician. There are a number of skills that we require for this position. Organization and having a good attitude are the most important.

This position will also require:

  • Light plumbing skills
  • Light electrical skills
  • Painting experience
  • Sheetrock repair experience
  • Basic handyman skills
  • High ladder work experience
  • Pressure washing
  • Gutter cleaning experience
  • Other skills and experience that relate to basic home maintenance

Maintenance/Groundskeeping Technician

We’re looking for a part-time energetic, skilled, self-starting, hard working, positive Maintenance/Groundskeeping Technician. There are a number of skills that we require for this position. Organization, being detail oriented, and having a good attitude are the most important.


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